Peter Irock, was born in Rome in 1959, but has lived for many years in Tessin, Switzerland. At age 15 approaches as a self-taught in music with an emphasis on keyboards and synthesizers; immediately understand that from now can not do without of the world of sounds always innovative.In those years, however, is determining the influence of big names in the electronic music world. In 1977 Peter bought his first synthesizer with whom he began to approach to electronic music, made ​​at the time of analog keyboards, sequencers, cables, knobs and switches. Peter perform as a soloist and his artistic leads him to meet with Gianni and Vittorio Nocenzi, composers and keyboardists of the historic Italian group "Banco" (better known as Banco del Mutuo Soccorso) his will have at that time the opportunity to play as a supporter during some dates of their tour.Later, he wrote several music, and commercials for some companies and television documentaries. Among his teachers, Peter loves to remember also the great authors of scores of the past and present as Piero Piccioni, Armando Trovajoli, Ennio Morricone, musical guides that have always accompanied by emotionally and musically 'childhood to today.In the 2010 he made a CD , "The Return" where he made all the arrangements on the music of the musician from Locarno, Fiamm, in electronic key. In 2013 he wrote the music and recorded the album in the company of navigation on the Rhine, "The Schaffausen Boat" presented at Schaffusen during the inauguration of an important ship of the fleet. He has collaborated with musicians and recording studios especially in the Canton Ticino, Switzerland, as a composer, arranger and realized musics "on demand" for any theme or event, thanks to his skills and knowledge of his instrument. Boreal ( 2014) Horizon (2015) IVO (2016) and last SEVEN (2018) are his latest productions. At the 2018 he is the official testimonial for a Russian music software developer BELLATRIXAUDIO
"...My electronic music goes beyond the sensations  of sound and noise that exist on the universe".